First, make sure you have installed Wany.Chat for your ManyChat account

Abandoned Cart Reminder consists of two parts:

1. ManyChat Widget to opt-in WooCommerce visitors to receive Messenger updates

2. ManyChat Flow that reminds visitors about their cart

Both widget and flow are included in Wany.Chat template:

  • It is called WY Opt-In Widget you can find it in your growths tool. Its corresponding flow is located in 🛒Abandoned Cart flows folder inside Wany.Chat template folder
  • This widget will be displayed both to logged-in and not-logged-in visitors once they add anything to their Cart (if they hadn’t opted-in via this widget before)
  • Feel free to customize widget and its corresponding flow
    • Just like for regular widgets you can customize when and where to show and hide this widget, its appearance, etc. 
    • Except for When does it display section

NOTE: widget will appear only after enabling abandoned cart in Wany.Chat settings

This flow is ready to use. You can tweak and customize it.

It starts with a Wany.Chat Abandoned Cart Trigger which fires every hour for every opted-in visitor that has abandoned cart.

Once this trigger is added to a flow, two additional fields become available:

  • Abandoned Hours Ago – use this field to set when visitor will get their reminder
  • Woo Cart Url – use this field in call-to-action buttons to lead visitor back to your store

Abandoned Hours Ago:

Woo Cart Url:

Besides these, thers’s a special action  “🛒 Show Woo Abandoned Cart” which comes with Wany.Chat App.
It displays a gallery containing user’s abandoned cart 

  • Log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Settings > Wany.Chat
  • Scroll to the “WOOCOMMERCE ABANDONED CART” section and enable “Use abandoned cart” checkbox and hit Save Changes

For the testing purposes you can change your opt-in widget settings as shown below
IMPORTANT: please do not forget to change them back after testing is done

  • Go to any product page at your WooCommerce store and push Add To Cart
  • Opt-in widget will be shown right after page refreshes or you navigate to another page. Submit this widget using your Facebook account
  • Go to Messenger and send keyword “actest” to your bot: this will fire Wany.Chat Abandoned Cart Trigger with Abandoned Hours Ago equals 1 (you must be connected as a shop manager for this)
Here’s an example of testing process:
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